The Non-Toxic + Green Product Company You MUST Try

When I started Wise+Well, I was on a mission to align myself with like-minded people who were working on their own passion projects. For me, the transition to a healthier lifestyle started in the bathroom. My self-care and beauty products seemed like a natural start to begin phasing out harsh chemicals and make more mindful decisions of what I was using on my body. 

The most fortuitous encounter led me to find Robert Miller of Let it Bee Natural. As the head craftsman of this family-owned business, Robert strives to build a truly sustainable company on the foundation of all natural products and the health conscious movement that will shape the future of our beautiful earth. Wow, what a mission! How could I not try his products? I was deeply moved by Robert’s energy to inspire a new earth awareness and toxin-free future.

After decades of visiting multiple specialist doctors who diagnosed conflicting reports of  diseases and disorders, he decided that enough was enough. Enduring years of financial and mental anguish, he broke away from conventional medical wisdom and has spent the last 18 years researching alternative ways of optimizing health. The elimination of pharmaceuticals, processed foods, and toxic personal care products not only changed his physical and mental health, but also his entire relationship with nature. 

If you are looking to make the jump and incorporate all-natural, cost-effective products into your lifestyle, make Let it Bee Natural your first stop. In an age of information inundation and improper regulation, many consumers are left wondering what’s safe. Each product is hand-crafted in small batches using the finest all-natural ingredients. And if that doesn’t have you sold, these products are made with love in the kitchen of the 32’ Miller family RV, which journeys through western Washington.

Many ingredients are sustainably harvested and sourced from certified organic vendors. Robert and co. also use ingredients in their raw, unrefined state–meaning that they have never been bleached, stripped, or altered, which allows users to reap the benefits of  naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients.

Top Picks


Lip Balm

This lip balm is my new go-to–it hasn’t left my coat pocket since I got it. The pleasant aroma of rosemary and peppermint refreshes my spirit and cools my lips. I’ve lent it to a few friends and they have each commented that they love the scent. The best part is that it only has 7 organic ingredients and doesn’t leave the waxy residue that commercial chapstick does.

Revitalizing Skin Serum

Infused with healing tamanu oil, rosemary herbal oil, and pomegranate seed oil, this revitalizing skin serum is the perfect consistency. I’ve searched high and low for a cost-effective product that serves as a thick moisturizer during the colder winter months, and this is it. Rub some of this magic on flaky, damaged skin and watch it heal with just a few conservative uses. 

Beeosporin Healing Salve

Beeosporin? What is that? This homemade beeosporin healing salve is a great alternative to conventional petroleum based ones. It’s anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and astringent. Use it on bug bites, poison ivy, cuts, bruises, and general skin irritations. Bonus: it’s gentle enough to use on babies and children. And for under $5, this product is a steal. 

Lavender Beeswax Melts 

If you consider yourself an avid DIYer, these pre-packaged essential oil infused melts will answer your prayers. These 4 oz 100% pure beeswax melts containing 6 1×1 wax cubes are a best-kept secret. The beeswax is sourced from Timberline Bees of Granite Falls, Washington, and for $6.97, this is a hard deal to find elsewhere. Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax is natural and burns much longer than other waxes (including soy!), while also purifying the air. Plus, choose from 12 difference scents or just elect to use regular beeswax. 

Support small business and shop Let it Bee Natural on Etsy!

Photo: Dixit Motiwala via Unsplash

Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Written by Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Leigh Winters, M.A./M.S., is a clinical researcher at Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s New York State Psychiatric Institute. She works in the Substance Use Research Center on opioid, cocaine, and alcohol treatment trials that involve motivational enhancement therapy, pharmacological facilitation of mindfulness training, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, and mind-body practices. Leigh is a certified aromatherapist and Ayurveda specialist. She is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys writing. Leigh holds dual master's degrees from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience. Reach out to Leigh via or on Instagram @wiseandwellco.