My 2018 Total Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

December is here and that means I’ve only got a few weeks to get on the holiday shopping train! It’s no secret that shopping for family and friends can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Tis the season to also be bombarded with gift guides that (honestly speaking!) are often far from inspiring or totally miss the mark.

This year, I’ve focused my gift giving around one theme: wellness. Spreading wellness is a win-win – I get to share some of my favorite health and skincare goodies, but I’m also giving my loved ones something that might just change their life for the better. Trust me when I say there is no better feeling than that!

Over the years, I’ve become a lot more intentional with my gifting. I spend time looking for brands that have sustainable, mindful missions that care about consumers and their wellbeing. This year, I’ve been drawn to one company in particular: Saje Wellness. I’ve partnered with Saje to create the most show-stopping gift guide that has something for everyone on your list.

Check out my 2018 holiday picks below for each personality and lifestyle!

For the On-The-Go Traveler

The Pocket Farmacy® Clutch

I’ll preface this gift by saying it’s really ideal for anyone, but I’ve got my eye on it for the travelers in my life (myself included!). I give you: The Pocket Farmacy® Clutch. This elegant, unisex zip-up bag contains Saje’s five most supportive remedies – literally everything you need to support your wellness during your hopefully not-so-stressful holiday travel.

This set includes full size 10 ml roll-ons of Peppermint Halo® Oil Blend, Fortify® Oil Blend, Gutzy® Oil Blend, Stress Release Oil Blend and Pain Release Oil Blend. In other words, if you have a headache, stomach ache, back ache, or feel yourself coming down with a cold, this little bag will heal you. When I’m on a plane or embarking on a long road trip, I rub the Peppermint Halo on my temples and up and down my neck for a tingling release that calms and energizes me at the same time.

Did I mention this is limited edition and is going to fly off the shelf? So, get yours now! Bonus feature: the suave white marble inside lining is enough to make anyone swoon and the pouch is made from RPET recycled fabric. Perfect for the sustainable friend in your life!

And if the on-the-go traveler in your life has a super long commute (hey, San Francisco Bay Area friends!), get them the Road to Wellness Aromacar Diffuser Kit to keep the car rides festive all winter long.


For the Trend-Setting Fashionista

Golden Presence Aromatherapy Necklace

I know you have one of these on your list! My most favorite part about my pick for the fashionista is that this gift is a blend of art and science-based wellness. Does it get any cooler than that? No, it does not! If you’re looking for a really unique and thoughtful piece of jewelry this holiday season, look no further than the Golden Presence Aromatherapy Necklace.

This is also my favorite pick in my guide! I wear this necklace with everything! Confession: I was going to give it as a gift to one of my sisters but kept it for myself instead. That’s how much I love it. So, Fallon and Morgan, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!

This 14k gold-plated clear quartz necklace is the perfect addition to any holiday outfit. The quarts helps ground you and provides a sense of clarity during this busy time of year. But, this 30-inch chain necklace just doesn’t look chic with any holiday outfit, it also makes you feel some type of way…literally.

This necklace can instantly shift your mood as it’s your own personal diffuser! All you have to do is add a few drops of your favorite single note or essential oil blend to the provided sheets and drop it inside the pendant. I use the tree scents refreshing diffuser blend when I want to smell like a pine Christmas tree, which makes me feel so warm and relaxed.

For the Minimalist or Interior Design Lover

Aroma Om® Gold Marble Diffuser

It’s no secret that I love Saje diffusers! In fact, during the holidays, I feel a bit like Oprah during her favorite things episode: “You get a diffuser, you get a diffuser, everybody gets a diffuser!” I stan them that much. But, this year, Saje truly outdid themselves with the Aroma Om® Gold Marble diffuser – a design that made it hard to give away.

Anyone who follows me on social media is well aware that I am a staunch minimalist and lover of all things white and #whitespace! So, if you have someone on your list who just got married looking to add home décor, or is undergoing a full renovation, get this for them. Trust me, they will talk about it for years to come and this limited-edition design is sure to complement any home or office space.

This essential oil diffuser will infuse your air with nature! It’s an ultrasonic diffuser that is an easy and safe way to disperse essential oil molecules into the air. This diffuser will run for 3-6 hours and covers about 400 square feet of space. Plus, it’s low maintenance (hello, automatic shut-off!) Oh, and if you want to double up on the home-inspo gifts, don’t pass up on their amazingly chic candles – my favorite is the Peppermint Twist 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle.

Diffusing is a wonderful way to add some wellness and aroma to your home. But if you’re new to diffusing, learn the basic how-tos here, and what to do if you share your home with furry loved ones.

For the Person You Just Don’t Know What to Get

Best of Saje Deluxe Kit

Real talk: we all have these people in our lives. Whether it’s your Uncle Richard or third cousin, Liz, some people can just stump you on what to get them that they will actually use or appreciate. This year, get them the gift that keeps on giving with the Best of Saje Deluxe Kit.

I love gift sets because they come pre-wrapped and typically offer you a plethora of amazing goodies bundled into a steal of a deal. This kit comes with a classic white Aroma Breeze diffuser with four best-selling diffuser blends: Pep Halo, Refresh, Liquid Sunshine, and Pain Release. My favorite part of this kit is the Relax-O-Ring, which is a little tool giving you self-reflexology right at your fingertips.

To top it off, this kit comes in a 100% recyclable box, made from recycled paper and soy ink – letting you skip the wrapping and save the planet all at once. Trust me, this kit is affordable and has something that everyone will love.

If you’re looking for more rad holiday gifts, check out the entire Saje Wellness holiday collection!

Don’t forget to check out their ‘can’t pass up’ gifts under $25 and gifts under $50 if you’re on a budget!

How are you spreading wellness this holiday season?

Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Written by Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Leigh Winters, M.A./M.S., is a clinical researcher at Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s New York State Psychiatric Institute. She works in the Substance Use Research Center on opioid, cocaine, and alcohol treatment trials that involve motivational enhancement therapy, pharmacological facilitation of mindfulness training, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, and mind-body practices. Leigh is a certified aromatherapist and Ayurveda specialist. She is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys writing. Leigh holds dual master's degrees from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience. Reach out to Leigh via or on Instagram @wiseandwellco.