All-Natural Spring Cleaning 101 with Saje Wellness

It’s spring time, which only means two things: Warmer weather is on the horizon and spring cleaning. If you’re looking to dive deep into cleaning over the next few weeks, I have just the thing for you all-natural lovers who have struggled to find effective and non-toxic cleaning products in the past.

It’s no secret that I love all things natural. With so many great skincare and makeup brands cropping up, it seems as though it’s getting easier for me to be uncompromised in my natural approach to holistic living. The one area that has remained unwaveringly difficult for me to make the switch to natural has been— cleaning. You might be wondering, ‘So, what’s the big deal?’ I only clean once a week (if that!) and when I do, I don’t get sick or feel bad. I used to use the same rationalization for all my lifestyle choices from eating to what I was putting on my body. That was until I learned the scary truth about most cleaning product formulations and the havoc they wreak on our bodily systems with repeated (and even minimal) use over time.

Did you know that less than 10% of all seemingly transparent green and natural home cleaning products disclose their entire ingredients list? And, what’s scarier is that the most common not so natural household names (i.e. Clorox, Windex, etc.) are often the most egregious ingredients offenders. Some recent research demonstrates the irony of the current state of our traditional cleaning products– what we use to keep us safe and “clean” might actually be doing more harm than good. Over the past few years, The Environmental Working Group investigated more than 2,000 cleaning supplies on the market in the U.S. only to find that many of them were linked to serious health concerns. For instance:


Fumes from cleaning products may induce asthma in seemingly healthy individuals. A large and growing body of evidence links frequent use of many ordinary cleaning supplies at home or on the job with development of asthma and other respiratory problems. It’s been recently uncovered that those who clean frequently— at work, or at home— experience greater risk of decreased lung capacity over the years.


Women might be disproportionately affected as well— on the whole, more women than men use cleaning supplies at work and at home, which also puts babies at risk. A 2010 study by the New York State Department found that children born to women who had cleaning jobs while pregnant had an elevated risk for birth defects.


Common cleaning ingredients may be carcinogenic. Repeated tests have revealed that 1, 4 dioxane can be detected in many trusted brand-names. Potentially as bad is that other products on the market contain preservatives that release formaldehyde, which is another potentially carcinogenic ingredient.


Some cleaners may cause severe chemical burns and poisonings because of their toxicity. Some products even contain ingredients that are also endocrine disruptors— that may affect fertility and thwart hormonal balance.


Despite the mounting evidence of concerns, there is no robust regulation— governmental or independent third-party— that ensures the safety of consumers. Brands are protected under trademark laws and are not required to disclose the mishmash of chemicals used in their “proprietary” fragrance and scent blends, which may spur allergies or a physical reaction. The bottom line is that even when you’re looking at the ingredients list of a product, you’re certainly not getting the full picture of what it actually contains.

While I truly understand the need and desire of brands to protect intellectual property, it’s done so at a high cost to consumers who are left in the dark about what’s even in their products. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right cleaning brand for me and my family. Quite frankly, most all-natural brands were too “hippie” and earthy smelling for my taste, or they lacked the effectiveness of most traditional cleaning brands with which I used growing up. Striking that balance between natural and effective seemed to be a metaphorical white whale.

I was so excited when Saje Wellness announced the launch of their all-natural, synthetic and toxin free cleaning line. Finally, a mindful brand with a storied reputation of being great ingredient formulators took on the toxin-filled cleaning world’s challenge. I tried 5 stellar products from their newly launched Saje Wellness Home Cleaning line. But, don’t let that excitement stop you there. This line actually features 21 impeccably formulated cleaning staples that are sure to keep you and your family in good health for the long-term.

Plus, Saje discloses 100% of its ingredients list for consumers, so they can make more informed decisions. Not only do these products smells great, but they are also entirely natural and sourced using the best and most pure base ingredients. Saje’s essential oils are 100% natural, meaning they’re totally  free of adulteration and toxic fillers that so many other brands rely on for aromatics. With Saje Natural Wellness, you’re getting top-notch cleaning products that are what they say they are: safe for your family and furnishings.

So, you might be wondering what I use regularly? My favorite picks from the line are the citrus smelling dish soap, Multi-Clean, which is a multi-purpose cleaning spray that is the perfect swap for the toxin-riddled Clorox wipes and sprays, and Glistening Glass, which is THE best all-natural swap for Windex. It leaves your mirrors and windows squeaky clean without the potent artificial scent and headache. Both of these sprays along with a bathroom tile cleaner and second dish soap are featured in the Spring Clean Kit.

Are you ready to make the swap to all-natural? If so, I’ve got the perfect surprise for you. To kick off this cleaning line launch, I will be giving away the home cleaning line to one lucky winner who is interested in swapping out the toxins for all-natural goodness. This winner will score the entire home cleaning line! If you want to win, check out my Instagram for the entry rules. It’s as simple as that!

All the opinions are my own. This post was sponsored by Saje Wellness.

Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Written by Leigh Winters | Editor-in-Chief
Leigh Winters, M.A./M.S., is a clinical researcher at Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s New York State Psychiatric Institute. She works in the Substance Use Research Center on opioid, cocaine, and alcohol treatment trials that involve motivational enhancement therapy, pharmacological facilitation of mindfulness training, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, and mind-body practices. Leigh is a certified aromatherapist and Ayurveda specialist. She is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys writing. Leigh holds dual master's degrees from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience. Reach out to Leigh via or on Instagram @wiseandwellco.