4 Ideas To Take Your Summer Date Outside

When I think of summer date nights, I visualize Rachel McAdams in The Notebook with her adorable red day dress at the carnival flirting with the gorgeous Ryan Gosling (essentially what I aspire all my summer date nights to look like). Summer is the best because everyone looks so beautifully tanned and the energy shouts playfulness. Studies show that people are happier after they spend 20 minutes outside, so let’s see how that affects our dates, too! Read below for four fun dates that you can take outside.

Experience “Van Life” for the Night 

If you haven’t heard of van life by now, go follow @projectvanlife on Instagram and you’ll get the idea. Van life is a movement representing a new style of bohemian nomads living out of their vans that simultaneously have incredible photos of themselves camping alongside a gorgeous sunrise or national park. This new trend has picked up quickly (think: Tiny Homes) over the past year. And while I would absolutely love to go live by the beach carelessly in my van for a year, I honestly enjoy the comforts of my home (I am a Cancer star sign after all!).  Try to create your own “van life” style of living for a romantic date night and see what the buzz is all about. You’ll just need a car, sleeping bag/blanket, tent, and some snacks! 

Enjoy a Themed Picnic in the Park

This is definitely the most basic date night idea—but picnics are the best — so it continues to stay on my list. Choose a theme for your picnic to make it more unique, like French-themed picnic foods (bread, cheese, wine!). Involve your date in the picnic planning process by having them bring two food items and you’ll bring the other two. You can get to know a lot about someone by seeing their favorite food choices. Did they just bring my favorite dark chocolate with strawberries? Yes? Okay, there’s a keeper. 

Watch an Outdoor Movie 

Outdoor movies are always a good time because they are more social (perfect for me since I always annoy everyone and talk during the movie), the environment feels like a festival (without the lack of showers), and there are no limitations on bringing food into the movie (meaning you won’t have to hide the m&m’s in your purse as you timidly walk by the ticket office). 

Play with Rocks

Climbing together can be a special bonding experience by forcing you to do something different and challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone. You’ll also get a killer workout and most likely barely be able to feel your arms the next day! Find an outdoor rock climbing wall and go there for a date. Note: you may have to make this a day-date as some rock climbing gyms aren’t open late.

What are your favorite summer date ideas?

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Lilia Karimi
Written by Lilia Karimi
Obsessive entrepreneur, humanitarian, and yogi. Lilia is a graduate of Cornell University and founder of @givingbag - a sustainable hotel amenity. She enjoys sipping chai lattes while thinking about how to make the world a better place. An avid traveler and health fanatic, Lilia has worked in Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Follow Lilia on Instagram @lifebylilia.