Social Media Depleting Your Energy? Here’s a Mindful Approach

Social media is an undeniable force in today’s modern world. It causes news to spread like wildfire and can be a real asset to those doing good and wanting to shout about it. It’s a powerful tool. However one should be mindful that just like any other tool, there is a correct way of using it to avoid hazardous side effects.

Using a variety of social media platforms won’t chop off a limb in the same way that an unfortunate encounter with a circular saw might, but it can penetrate much deeper in many ways. It can skew our perception dramatically. This is both how we perceive each others, but more importantly how we see ourselves. We can think of social media as one facet of a gem. It allows you to get a good look and see inside, but without a step back it’s impossible to get the proper perspective.

Just as yang is opposed by yin, social media has both a light side and a dark. Used sparingly and with positive intention, it can promote or support your ideas and values. Used heavily, it can rapidly lead to a downward spiral of comparing yourself to others and feeling a lack of self-worth.

Here’s a look at how our lower four chakras are affected and what you can do to heal them:

I never have enoughFirst Chakra 

One of the most energentically-rewarding journeys we can go on is the process of embracing a more minimal lifestyle. This means, understanding what’s important and how material things above and beyond meeting our basic needs do not lead to happiness. One sure-fire way to encourage an overactive first (root) chakra is to spend too much time focusing on a state of lack. Looking at what posessions others have, seeing the happiness they have chosen to capture perfectly and place before you, and dwelling for too long will undoubtedly convince you that your quality of life will increase only if you can get your hands on that one item. In these moments of feeling like you just don’t have enough, switch off the phone and switch on your focus to a place of gratitude for all that you are blessed with.

I must feel desirableSecond Chakra

 At a time of Instababes aplenty, pressure is on to achieve the optimal selfie and strive for a beach body to flaunt. We want to look and feel good. But when how desired we are by others becomes our greatest concern, we’re instantly out of alignment. Especially when the drive is so powerful that we’ll trample over anyone or anything to get there. Consider it the road to an overactive second (sacral) chakra. The second chakra houses our imagination and creativity as well as our sexual energy. These are beautiful aspects. But, place too much focus on how attractive you are and the energy can turn from free-flowing magic to manipulation and addiction. In these moments, switch off and try spending a little time around water if you can. This is a wonderful healing tool for the second chakra. It can even be something as simple as a nice hot shower or bath. Or, sip a cup of ginger tea and work with citrus essential oils to turn the focus towards self-care.

I don’t feel good enough Third Chakra 

Likes are everywhere. It’s the number of retweets on a witty statement, little hearts on your carefully-filtered photograph, or supporters of your status update. How funny or creative or beautiful we are is judged based on how many others have approved of what we are putting out there. It’s a popularity contest. And it’s the waiting for validation from others that’s the problem; especially when you’re proud of what you’ve posted. If it’s not met with much interest, it’s easy to feel like no one cares. The truth is though, everyone is too worried what what the rest of the world thinks about them and their content to even notice what you’re doing! If you’re feeling down-trodden because it seems like no one in the virtual world is interested, now’s the time to phone a friend and have a catch-up on life. Those who know and love you are always interested in hearing about what you’re up to. Let your friendships act as a reminder of what’s really important in this life.

I always feel like I’m missing outFourth Chakra

We encounter so many people every day via an exclusive highlight reel, conveying their very best. Without knowing any more about them than this, it’s easy to interpret that they have an amazing life full of only fun, beautiful, and exciting things. The hard, honest truth though is that these kinds of lives don’t exist. Some of us are just more open about the bad bits than others. It doesn’t feel good to talk about or focus on them though, does it? So, we show the world the vision of ourselves that we’d like to have. On a dull day, looking at another’s travel photos or snaps from a party at the beach won’t do anything for your mood except lower it. A kind of loneliness ensues. This energetic state is one of recoil for the fourth (heart) chakra. Putting yourself out there doesn’t come naturally when you’re feeling lonely and want to hide away. So what’s the best thing to do to get out of this funk? Give back to others, of course! Consider signing up to volunteer somewhere that resonates with you and feel like you’re a part of something meaningful.

As with every other aspect of our lives, balance is key when it comes to social media usage. If you feel negative side effects creep in, respect yourself enough to take a break and get back to basics by realigning yourself with your higher purpose. Only then can you do your best work.

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Kat Kennedy
Written by Kat Kennedy
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