How to Honor Your Inner Space Through Interior Design

While I was growing up we moved so many times it takes a whole day and a full pot of coffee to attempt recollecting all the locations and their order. I did that once with my Mom. We wrote it all down and then I proceeded to misplace that list, probably in a pile of stuff I didn’t need and held onto for months until I tidied. Until this day when my Mom is working out a personal problem, she rearranges the furniture.

The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.” Elkhart Tolle

Tidying is a dialogue with one’s self.” Marie Kondo

Leave open space

Value open space. Dancing, yoga, and wrestling your pet all require that you don’t throw an uncomfortable rug on the floor or fit in yet another piece of furniture just to fill up space. Nothing is worse than looking around a room and not having any floor on which you can lay down, stretch, move. There is mental clarity is open spaces. Open space in your home means you have room for change and growing. Don’t be afraid to just let go of your least popular piece of furniture or wall art in order to make it.

Wait for the right pieces

You have to look at your furniture and art every day, unless you travel a lot which will make time in your home space all the more special. If you aren’t sure about a piece of furniture while on the hunt, go home and recall other options. Usually, uncertainty about a furniture piece results in your intuition being right about it not belonging.

Get rid of things that don’t spark joy when you hold them

The things we are surrounded with affect our mood. Studies link anxiety to filled closets and storage spaces. The way seeing a forest makes me happy is how I want to feel when I open my eyes in my room. What’s the point of keeping items that don’t make us joyful? It is worth it to hold each item while sorting give away stuff to get to know the difference between a joyous possession and extra weight.

Make intentional lighting

Think about reading and sewing or whatever else you enjoy doing that requires good light. Think about light that works no matter the weather. Design in the evening to get a fair sense of your lighting situation without the sun’s help. Entertaining often happens in the evening anyway and there is nothing worse than an overhead light theme. Or any light theme that is not using the three layers of light space in any given room.

One day I will have a skylight…and I will refer to it as my 4th light space.

Meditate on the emotions of your color wheel

Recalling your feelings associated with colors is essential in surrounding yourself with hues that soothe and encourage focus in your study places, nurture your creativity in your creative spaces, and make you feel warm in the kitchen and nourished in the dining room. Colors can come from many sources, even light. What colors do you love and what colors have no place in your home? Think about this for some time and honor your conclusions. It’s amazing to pay attention and turn on our color sensitivity. There are so many colors waiting to complement other colors, which can be done with your capable, creative hands. If you’re lacking color inspiration, take a walk!

Sort furniture by function

By having a space for your pursuits and interests, you are supporting your goals and building miniature sanctuaries in your home. This goes along with organizing things by category instead of location. Place furniture by category as well as items.

Let there be stories

What is really wonderful about intentional designing for your mental health and pleasure is treasure hunting for pieces of your home that make your heart sing and sharing that song with others. Eventually, each piece in your house has a special story. And, a visitor can easily remind you of its character just by complimenting your bookends. Your space is yours to organize into your favorite stories.

How do you design your home to honor your inner space?

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Photo: Sophia Baboolal via Unsplash

Alyse Toulouse
Written by Alyse Toulouse
Alyse is a West Coast native with a passion for education, health and social justice. With roots in Washington, California and Oregon Alyse currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Yoga and writing have formed permanent imprints in their heart from a young age and today Alyse spends joyous free time at the yoga studio and outdoors with a notebook. Their favorite yoga poses are Handstand and Bird of Paradise. During their numbered moments in this life Alyse also organizes with nonprofits, works towards environmental victories with Greenpeace, reads, gets crafty, bakes, dances, experiences live music and writes songs, poetry and fiction. Follow Alyse on Instagram @symbiosis91 and Tumblr.