Include “Create a Shrine” to your Spring Cleaning List!

Spring is upon us! I’m excitedly waiting for fresh hyacinth flowers, day dresses, and weekend walks to the farmer’s market. With the joys of Spring comes the ritual of spring cleaning and starting fresh. This is especially true for me since I recently moved into a new apartment, and have become more obsessed with interior design, feng shui, and cultivating my perfect space that my younger self ever couldn’t have ever imagined.

To prepare for my new space and indulge in my obsession of self-help books, I recently read, “Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life” by Gretchen Rubin (you may recognize Rubin from her New York Times Bestseller, The Happiness Project.)

In her book, Rubin tells us that instead of purging all of our items, we should embrace our prized material possessions and create a shrine in our own homes. This may be great news if you’re over the minimalist living trend and tired of being told to reduce, reduce, and reduce your items!

Similar to a shrine that you’d find in a yoga studio (photo of a yoga guru, incense, candles, and other little trinkets), Rubin believes people should create a shrine to display highly valued objects and possessions. Instead of just a yoga shrine, you can create a shrine that showcases anything you deeply love. While material items certainly aren’t everything, they’re certainly a part of our daily lives and it’s refreshing to find and create the space to honor them.

Rubin herself confesses to owning a collection of children’s literature that she completely adores, but has never openly presented in her house. For her shrine, she took all the books of hers that were previously hiding away in the home, and carefully decorated the shelves in her office to be surrounded by the books.

Personally, I have created a shrine of jewelry. I had accumulated so many beautiful necklaces and bracelets that I purchased while traveling abroad or given to me by family over the years. But, I found myself rarely wearing them. It was hard to find which jewelry would complement my outfit for the day when they were piled into little boxes and scattered throughout my room and bathroom. To create my own shrine,  I bought a vanity mirror that opens up and has a huge jewelry space with individual nooks for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. It’s perfect. Now, I find myself wearing different jewelry every single day because I can see my collection all at once. This so-called “shrine” helps me honor the jewelry by having it presented in such an open manner.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about your own shrine:

Do you have a lot of instruments in your home?

Try creating a wall display.

Photo from

Are your bookshelves filled with more books than you have time to read?

Organize your books by size, genre, or color.

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Do you have countless essential oils that you keep in a bathroom drawer?

Create a shelf with your oils, and throw some candles or flowers on the shelf.

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  Do you collect adorable coffee mugs?

You could line the top of your kitchen with mugs so everyone who walks in can enjoy the collection.

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Do you have a jewelry problem, I mean, collection?

Create a vanity so you can enjoy the jewelry and see it arranged beautifully. 


While creating your shrine, make sure your display provides an aesthetic addition your household. Space your items out, avoid clutter, create patterns in your organizing, and enjoy your precious items. 

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Lilia Karimi
Written by Lilia Karimi
Obsessive entrepreneur, humanitarian, and yogi. Lilia is a graduate of Cornell University and founder of @givingbag - a sustainable hotel amenity. She enjoys sipping chai lattes while thinking about how to make the world a better place. An avid traveler and health fanatic, Lilia has worked in Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Follow Lilia on Instagram @lifebylilia.