How To Change Your Health With 5 Simple Steps

In my profession, I see people all the time that want to change their health and their life but feel that those kind of goals are not really achievable. They see it as something that someone else can do, but not them. They feel trapped and that in order to pursue health, they would have to devote their entire lives to it. 

I can tell you that it is a lot easier than you think to make a change that will ripple through all other areas of your life.

My personal story of health and wellness had me 80 pounds overweight at my worst. I was depressed and never wanted to run into anyone I knew. I withdrew into my own comfortable circle and slowly got sicker. Finally after a chance encounter in an Iowa cornfield, I clearly saw how to proceed with my health and that ultimately changed every aspect of my life. I get asked all the time by people what did I do differently? What did I do that finally clicked in me?

Here are the top 5 things I did to really change my life:


Learn where your food comes from

It sounds simple, but often times we don’t think about from where our food comes because we really don’t want to know. It doesn’t just magically show up at the drive-thru or your local restaurant. It comes from somewhere. Once you find out where most of that easy and quick food comes from, you won’t want to participate in that anymore. For me, experiencing first-hand the horrific conditions and treatment of 100,000 chickens in one barn was enough to change my mind. Moral of the story: Take the time to learn where your food comes from and you will undoubtedly be a more educated consumer. 

Remove the food from your diet that is damaging

There is a good chance that the foods you are eating are damaging to you. There is no one size fits all for diet, health, and weight loss program. You are unique and your plan must be as well. I highly suggest receiving some sort of personal assessment, counseling and even food intolerance or sensitivity testing. This gives a good baseline to see what foods should be removed. Once you remove those, your body responds.

Allow your body to heal without setting time limits

Yes, that sounds hard as we all want the quick fix. That is why there are so many gyms, quick weight loss gimmicks, etc. The fact is, your body needs time to heal. If it doesn’t feel like it can heal, it surely won’t release those toxins stored in your fat cells. So give it time without constraints.

Listen to your body

It seems like a no brainer, but really we have all grown quite good at not listening. We tune out the signs and signals are body is giving us and miss out on the connection we have with ourselves. As our body heals, it will speak louder and louder. Soon you will hear it telling you it is full, or it is hungry, or it doesn’t like bananas! Whatever it is, learn to listen.

Change not only what is going into your mouth, change what is coming out of your mouth

This is probably the most important. By changing what you are putting into your mouth, you can see drastic changes nutritionally and you can slowly start to heal your body. But by changing what is coming out of your mouth and what you are saying, you affect every area of your life. What you speak can manifest, so if you go around all day talking about how bad you feel and how unhealthy you are, guess what? You will stay there. Get up every morning and with intention speak what you are. Speak what you want. You are healthy and whole.

Those are the top five things I find to be instrumental in helping to become a healthier version of yourself. Take time to rest and know that you are a wonderful addition to this world. I look forward to growing with you all.

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Ange Alex
Written by Ange Alex
Ange Alex is a wife, mother and Holistic Health Practitioner. She is an expert in Holistic Weight Loss and travels around the country, inspiring others to make those changes needed to succeed. She has a health practice outside of Atlanta, Revolution Holistic and spends as much time as possible with her hubby and three amazing kids.