Energetically Depleted? Here’s How To Balance Giving + Receiving

Life as a Transaction

Our day-to-day lives are in a continuous state of energy exchange. We have a finite amount of this precious energy at our disposal and need to carefully monitor the transactions we agree to spend ours on. Working takes from our supply and sleep then restores it, exercise takes more and nutrition will then restore, negative encounters drain and meditation can then refill us – and so on.

To stay feeling balanced throughout the 24-hour day, the balance between these two giving and receiving transactions must be just right. Otherwise, it’s almost guaranteed that something isn’t going to happen as well as it could. Examples of this concept in action can be observed all around: when we don’t get enough sleep, our work suffers, when we don’t nourish and hydrate, we feel sluggish, when we don take breaks, we burn out, or when faced with a stressful situation, our energy levels spike up and then crash.

X Must Equal Zero

So, when we make a decision (conscious or otherwise) to compromise one element of us receiving energy, our ability to give it will lessen also and vice versa. But, simply bringing awareness of this delicate balance can help us plan our time more wisely. To live truly well and function optimally, receiving minus giving must equal zero (in a day). If your equation equals a positive instead, you could have trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety; or, if it equals a negative you may feel tired throughout the day or experience sadness as examples. Striving to find your balance by planning your day for an equal exchange would mean that you are striving to be your optimal self. It’s a notion worth considering, right?


Giving and receiving also refers to the energy exchanges in our relationships. Life sometime leads us to believe that each person is either a natural giver or receiver, and perhaps there is truth to this notion, but I’ve come to observe that for wellbeing and harmony, an equal balance of both is required. For example, your ego may glow at the notion of someone showering you with attention without expecting anything in return, but your authentic self underneath it may be feeling pinches of guilt. Unbalanced dynamics can also lead to resentment and other downward spirals. So, if you have the tendency to lean towards one extreme, generate awareness here to try to find a better balance and observe if this has a positive effect on the particular relationship as well as how you feel in general.

Balancing, Balancing

We don’t live in a perfect world (of course!), and trying to find balance can be a balancing act on its own. Things happen unexpectedly; we have work commitments and other appointments that have to be adhered to– even if our energy levels are not quite right for the occasion. We can only do our best and if things don’t go exactly as planned, we have to roll with the punches and adjust the course again later.

Our ability to bounce back from challenges is one of the many extraordinary qualities of being human, as is our desire to maintain balance in our lives. This beautiful wish can be met with just a pinch of additional awareness to our energy stores which will, in turn, allow us to also shine a little bit brighter.

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Kristine Sisask
Written by Kristine Sisask
Kristine Sisask (MBPsS, RYT-500, MAC) is a London based psychologist, yoga teacher and health coach. True believer in a holistic approach to wellness, her work revolves around promoting mindfulness and supporting individual development. Find Kristine on her website Breathe & Flourish & Instagram @bf_kristine.