5 Tips For Your Most Productive Summer EVER

When summer rolls around it’s far too easy to let it fade away faster than our tans do in the fall.

YES, summer is for relaxing, but we shouldn’t just let life slip by while we sunbathe (with sunscreen on of course!) and binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows.

I used to always get into this bad cycle in the summer where I’d realize my break was almost over and that I had accomplished NOTHING. Then I’d try to start acting on my ideas and working towards last-second goals, which always ended in frustration and a mis-matched array of half-finished projects. 

I can already tell how different and more productive this summer is going to be and that’s such a great feeling. How did I switch my summer routine around? By sticking to the 5 tips listed below, I was able to outline goals and find ways to successfully reach them!

Write down your goals

The first step to reaching your goals is to put them down on paper. This not only helps you think through them and get them out of your head, but it keeps you accountable. I like placing my goals somewhere where I can easily see them and remind myself daily. Just because it’s summer and there aren’t any school deadlines looming overhead, it’s important to have life goals outside of that. Whether it be training for a race, mastering a new yoga pose, writing a book, or anything in between.

Create a step-by-step plan

Sometimes, thinking of goals can be intimidating. Jumping from point A to point Z without thinking about the journey to get there is a sure way to quit before you’ve barely started. By thinking about your goals in all of the smaller increments that it will take to get there, can make them seem more attainable and not so daunting. 

Don’t take a hiatus from your planner

 A key part of thinking about the smaller steps to reaching your goal is planning those steps out so that you don’t procrastinate. It’s one thing to think about how to reach your goal, but it’s another to act upon it. So yes, even when I’m on summer break, I use my planner just like I would during the school year (my Simplified Planner goes everywhere with me!). At the start of the summer, sit down with your planner and map out when you’ll work on reaching your goals. By planning this out it will assure that you get everything done. AND this helps me see that I can still have a ton of free time to relax, while still working on personal goals.

Work in a different environment

 For me, working outside of my house, typically at one of my favorite coffee shops, makes me more productive and forces me to stay focused. When I know I’ve planned out a lot of writing on a particular day, I relocate and plan to stay for a few hours (meaning I pack snacks, water and everything else I may need). This keeps me from taking too many Netflix breaks or just pushing my work aside. 

Treat it like work

 I think of working towards my personal goals as a part-time job. By having this mindset it makes me work harder and I find that I don’t blow off what I’ve mapped out in my planner. All of the steps above – planning out steps in an agenda, working in a different environment, etc. – will help it feel more like work (in the best possible way) and will keep you accountable and working towards your goals! It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll “just do it later” when you don’t think of it as a serious thing. 

I hope with these 5 tips in mind you will be able to finish summer feeling confident and satisfied. I truly believe one of the best feelings in the world is crushing a goal and knowing you put the hard work and dedication into reaching it. 

If I’ve learned anything from being a blogger, is that it’s completely possible to work towards (multiple) goals, while still finding time to just relax, spend time with my family and friends and going on adventures during summer. But I’ve also learned that committing to goals even on these precious months off keeps me feeling motivated, and that’s something I hope you’ll feel as well. 

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Photo: Teresa Kluge via Unsplash

Natalie Kelley
Written by Natalie Kelley
Natalie Kelley is a college-aged health nut that that runs the health and wellness blog, Blonde Gone Clean. She is extremely passionate about health and fitness and loves running, lifting weights, yoga, developing recipes, exploring different city’s foodie spots and researching anything and everything about nutrition and holistic health. She believes healthy living is striking a balance between fueling your body with wholesome food, honoring your body through daily movement and prioritizing your mental health through meditation and positivity. Follow Natalie on Instagram @BlondeGoneClean.