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Wise + Well is always looking for enthusiastic writers interested in covering healthy living, yummy recipes, yoga/fitness, mind and body, and spirituality. Please follow the directions below to ensure that your submission is promptly reviewed. We want you to be a part of our team!


Why write for Wise + Well?

As a premier media lifestyle brand for all things holistic, spiritual, and wellness related, Wise + Well provides a supportive community and a great platform that offers exposure to your work.


Submission Process

1. Get to know our content.

Become familiar with the typical article format and prose style. Most of our articles can be categorized into the following:

➳  Informative lifestyle articles on fitness, wellness, mind and body, sustainability, beauty, and more (ie. Formatting articles such as, “How to…” and “6 Ways to…”)

➳  Recipes (vegan, non-vegan, gluten-free—all are welcome) and tutorials (fitness, yoga)

➳  Personal stories and reflections about riveting and inspirational topics

➳  Thought-provoking responses to current events in health, the environment, or world

While writing, please keep in mind that Wise + Well strives to be informative and encouraging for all of our readers!

2. Email your article to

+ Please insert the article text in the body of the email and attach photos in JPEG format.

+ Below the body of the post, please also include your author bio (2-4 sentences about yourself, including social media handles) and include an author photo or headshot (250 x 250 px).


➳ Recipe submissions must have your own original photos attached

➳ Non-recipe articles may use a royalty-free, license-cleared images from either Pexels, Wikipedia Commons, Flickr Creative Commons, or similar

➳ The images should be no smaller than 425 x 400 px and no larger than 740 x 410

➳ Photo credit must be listed (ie. “Photo: Flower via Flickr” or “Photo: Leigh Winters”).

+ By submitting your article to Wise + Well, you are agreeing to our terms of use.

3. Your submission will be reviewed by Wise + Well.

We will email you if it is accepted for publication within 1-2 weeks, often sooner!

4. Get social.

Once your article is published, help your article gain traction by sharing it on your own social media platforms.


Thank you for your interest in writing for Wise + Well!