Moon Wisdom: Flower Full Moon in Turbulent Scorpio

Did you see the nearly full moon with Jupiter over the weekend? If you looked east after sunset, you couldn’t miss them with the bright star Spica in Virgo below. The moon and Jupiter are still close, with the moon conjunct Spica on Monday, May 8. Brighter Arcturus is nearby and higher in the night sky.

Watch as the moon grows to full on Wednesday, May 10. The moon’s exact moment of opposition to the sun arrives before dark. Tuesday and Wednesday evening are favorable for enjoying the large, round moonrise in the eastern sky with sunset color (maybe as impressive as Diesel Walck’s photograph of the “flower moon”!).

If you’re an early riser, then the end of the week is favorable for observing the moonset in the western sky, hopefully with sunrise color. Visible from nightfall to daybreak, every night this week is great for viewing the full to almost full moon.  Work observation around your schedule and the weather.

After midnight later this week brings late night sky treats. The just-past-full moon travels through the large constellation Scorpius. The moon passes close to its heart star Antares, which is about as bright as Spica.  The moon also passes close to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is significantly less bright than Jupiter and much less bright than Venus. Look for the moon with Antares on Thursday and Friday, May 11 and 12. Look for the moon with Saturn on Saturday, May 13. Perhaps by 3 am you can see the moon within the glowing band of the Milky Way, if you’re in a dark-sky location.

An hour or two before sunrise on May 21 and 22, Sunday and Monday, the waning moon with Venus forms a lovely sight. They’re low on the eastern horizon and easy to see under clear skies.  Seen at best advantage before dawn on Monday, look for the crescent moon with brilliant Venus as the “morning star.”

Astrological Influences + Considerations

The second full moon of spring is known as the “flower moon” because of May’s beautiful blossoms. When the sun is in Taurus, the full moon is in passionate Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of the moon’s fall, or least comfortable placement, but where its influence is often keenly felt.

Scorpionic moons are intense. They tend to encourage awareness of inner turmoil, with elaborately hidden vulnerabilities. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity can play out with neurotic obsession, or with a cool demeanor that hints at intriguing depths, or both.  This isn’t open, generous, and forgiving, such as associated with Taurean warmth.

Remember that a full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposition – the moon rises while the sun sets and vice versa. Every month’s complementary lunisolar combination has push-pull conflicts. Therefore, the edgy Scorpionic influence isn’t singled out as “bad.” Passion can be wonderful!  But sometimes, it’s complicated.

The full moon bisects the lunar month, bringing new light on that lunation’s issues. Scorpio surely challenges the calm, placid comfort favored by Taurus. Scorpio never quite relaxes. Scorpio puts a fire under us to get moving or practice CYA, in case the laid back Taurus influence has encouraged laziness.

For this full moon there are trines in all four elements – fire, earth, air, and water. That creates considerable ease. Plus, Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, makes friendly aspects to the sun and moon. The undercurrent of emotional tension is modified with a sense of well-being. Pursuits you enjoy bring refuge.

The potent conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in Aries continues for a few days past the full moon. Since Mercury turned direct on May 3, the planets of communication and the higher mind make their third and last pass until next spring. Nervous energy and mental aggression can aggravate unsettled emotions.

Observe without reacting to your anxieties, suspicions, and quick flares of temper. What have you been making progress toward during this Taurean lunar month? Focus on the grounded influences and remain steady. Exercise self-control over impetuosity and sudden compulsions. Do you feel competitive or possessive?  Can you let it go?

Find time for pleasure and feeling embodied. Taurus and Scorpio are the two most sensuous zodiacal signs. Appreciate nature, good food and drink that’s shared with good company, and quality time between soft silky sheets. The more secure and comfortable you feel with your partner (or with whom or what provides loving soul energy), the more you’ll benefit from the moon’s transformative power.

Tips on coping with the turbulent emotions of the moon in Scorpio, and on coping with challenging emotions generally through yoga, will be shared in the second half of this Wonderful Moon post.  Look for the Yoga Wellness section in a few days.

On Wonderful Moon

For a longer, more detailed version of this post, see last week’s Moonday. For the next Wonderful Moon that posts in approximately two weeks, the new moon in Gemini will be discussed. It’s the closest supermoon new moon of 2017 and the last of spring.

Wonderful Moon currently is published in two parts before the new and full moons. The focus is on viewing and experiencing the moon with lore, advice, and yoga-oriented body awareness that meshes with the phase, season, and astrological influences. The complementary bimonthly posts are separated into Moon Wisdom and Yoga Wellness.

Photography:Flower Moon” (May 14, 2014) is by noted lunar and landscape photographer Greg Diesel Walck, from his Facebook album Top Ten Lunar Images, of which this is #1. The photo is of a May full moon from three years ago that’s similar to this week’s full moon.  Reaching the point of opposition a few hours before sunset, the moon rose big and round on the eastern horizon before nightfall.  The shot was taken in early twilight on Bells Island, near Currituck, on the Outer Banks of NC.  Diesel Walk writes, “It was so spectacular that cars driving along the road through the marsh stopped to see.”  The moon takes on a warm floral color from the sunset and atmospheric distortion, which also affects its size in relation to the trees on the horizon.

Sphinx Yoga
Written by Sphinx Yoga
A longtime yogi and night sky gazer, Wendy Sphinx has published Moonday and Sphinx Yoga for two years. She lives in NC and finishes 200-hour yoga teacher training this spring. Although she’s been exposed to many flavors of yoga, her current practice is Dharma-focused, which is where she began her journey many years and moons ago. She earned a doctorate in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, master’s and graduate women’s studies certificate at Duke, and undergraduate degree in writing and literature from NYU, with a summer session in science at Oxford University in the UK. A communications professor for 20 years, she has worked professionally in journalism, marketing and public relations since the 1980s. Her grandmother was an astrologer, and she grew up reading horoscopes and looking at the moon, planets, and stars through a backyard telescope. The Sphinx’s bimonthly column, Wonderful Moon, draws on this background to share lore, advice, and timely yoga tips for the new and full moon phases. Information on observing the moon is combined with astrological insights, consideration of nature and seasonal change, and the cycles of our lives. Beautiful lunar photography is provided by award-winning photographer and author Greg Diesel Walck.