Full Worm Moon, Spring Equinox + Yoga Tips

The full moon perfects on Sunday morning, but it’s best seen on Friday and Saturday night when almost full and rises before sunset. Called the “worm moon,” for Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude locations, the March full moon marks the return of earthworms that work the thawing soil for crops and attract songbirds. This year the March full moon coincides with the return of Daylight Savings Time.

The vernal equinox arrives on Monday, March 20. Zodiacally, this is the zero point of the year. The annual cycle begins anew. Therefore, this is a cuspal moment. While Pisces languidly winds down, the coiled spring of Arian energy prepares to surge. The vitality of the new season bursts open like a Jack-in-the-box.

Identified with equal days and nights, the equinoxes are the most transitional times of year with perhaps the most beautiful natural and colorful changes. The winter savasana is over. Enjoy the fresh air, flowers, and sunshine!

Astrological Influences + Considerations

This full moon comes closest to the spring equinox. With the sun in Pisces and moon in Virgo, the emphasis is on the synergy between intuition and intellect, envisioning and examining, broad strokes and details (God is in both). This weekend, you may feel the pull between these opposites, which we sometimes typify as the split between thinking and feeling.

You’ve probably heard of Mercury’s retrograde periods that occur several times each year. Currently, Venus is retrograde for the first time since summer 2015, and won’t turn retrograde again until late 2018. Venus is moving toward the sun, which it joins for a solar conjunction in late March. When we see Venus again in the skies, it will be as the “morning star” in mid-spring.

Venus and Mars are in each others’ signs: Venus is in Aries, and Mars is in Taurus. This can encourage harmony between the archetypal masculine and feminine. The combined effect of the lunisolor polarity and aspects of the Pisces sun and full Virgo moon, combined with the mutual reception between Venus and Mars- along with the zodiacal shift, makes this an ideal time to do spring cleaning rituals.

Take care of housekeeping, burn sage, maybe do a cleanse, perhaps get away to clear your head – whatever works for an inner and outer “spring break.” This weekend through mid-month brings tremendous sensitivity. You might have an uncanny ability to read where people close to you feel wounded. It might highlight where you too could use some love. Shine your heart inward and outward, but take care since emotions run close to the surface.

Feeling + Moving with the Moon

March is National Nutrition Month. It’s fitting that the full moon is in Virgo, which is associated with hygiene, fitness, and eating sensibly – or some might say, fussiness and fastidiousness. The sensitive Pisces sun can use all the nutrition and nurturing it can soak up.

The importance of inner and outer spring cleaning, along with this being a deeply empathetic and emotionally raw time was mentioned above. Putting that Virgoan critical thinking to good use, a fine place to start for wellness is with tracking your fitness activities and what you eat and drink.

My fitness activities extend beyond yoga. It’s important to include some sort of cardio or endurance exercise. If you practice power yoga, perhaps it’s less necessary, but then you might want to complement the vigorous yoga with a gentle or restorative practice. Or something outdoors. Or find another alternative – maybe with Pilates or barre, or a form of sport you enjoy. If your typical style of yoga doesn’t build strength through moving and supporting body weight, then you might want to join a gym or lift weights at home. Keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated by varying activities while maintaining consistency.

It can be tedious, but I find it enormously helpful to follow everyday movement with a fitness tracker. Besides counting steps, I keep track of other activities, the time spent and level of intensity, and approximate calories burned. Over time I see trends through the documentation, some of which is automatic and some guesstimated. The push-delivery motivational messages help maintain focus and keep me engaged.

Fitness trackers have gotten so much better. Even a few years ago, I entered everything manually into a database (and, by the way, it worked – I dropped several sizes over 18 months). I’ve tried wearing wristbands, but now I simply use a mobile phone app.  I honestly think the app helps me feel better. I would miss the tracker app terribly if I didn’t have it to check in after activities and meals.

Most of us know that calories in and out can be misleading as can what the scale says. But, it’s still best to pay attention. The app rates the quality of my daily nutrition, tallies the fiber consumption, protein, sugar, fat, etc. Every week I’m sent a nutritional report card.  It really helps with eating clean, weight loss, and maintenance.

Water is essential to wellness. Keep a record of the fresh or frozen produce and how many glasses of water are consumed each day, so that you know you’re getting enough. Some people use a large water bottle that has ounce marks. Over the day, if you drink a non-sugary smoothie for breakfast or lunch, fresh juices, or cups of plain herbal or green tea, those sources count.

I’ll write more about fitness trackers and replenishing fluids another time. But I encourage you to use an infuser. I regularly add fruits, vegetables such as cucumber, and herbs such as refreshing mint and memory-enhancing turmeric. Creating your own infusions can make the water more appetizing, nutritious, and tasty while being easy, portable, and inexpensive. Did I mention calorie-free?

Drink up! Water provides a feeling of satiety, enhances brain function and regularity, detoxifies and keeps fluids circulating, prevents muscle cramps and head rushes, improves skin tone, and generally aids wellness. Document your activities, including sleep, and nutrition. Start spring feeling and looking more rested, refreshed, and youthful.

On Wonderful Moon

A longer, more detailed version of this post appears in this week’s Moonday. For the next Wonderful Moon that posts in approximately two weeks, the new moon in Aries will be discussed. The first new moon of spring initiates a new zodiacal year, season, and monthly lunation.

Wonderful Moon is published bimonthly before the new and full moons. The focus is on viewing and experiencing the moon with lore, advice, and yoga-oriented body awareness that meshes with the phase, season, and astrological influences.

Wendy Sphinx is teaching a Chillax spring series on Thursday evenings at Pure Light Yoga in High Point, NC. Offered on a donation basis, the classes support and benefit people who are recovering from addiction. If you’re in central North Carolina and want to chill and relax, clear your head and leave with a smile on your face, please join us! No experience is required.

Photography: “Blue Lightning” (Nov. 16, 2013) is by noted lunar and landscape photographer Greg Diesel Walck, from his Facebook album Lunar Visions. The setting full moon is set against a striking predawn teal sky.

Sphinx Yoga
Written by Sphinx Yoga
A longtime yogi and night sky gazer, Wendy Sphinx has published Moonday and Sphinx Yoga for two years. She lives in NC and finishes 200-hour yoga teacher training this spring. Although she’s been exposed to many flavors of yoga, her current practice is Dharma-focused, which is where she began her journey many years and moons ago. She earned a doctorate in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, master’s and graduate women’s studies certificate at Duke, and undergraduate degree in writing and literature from NYU, with a summer session in science at Oxford University in the UK. A communications professor for 20 years, she has worked professionally in journalism, marketing and public relations since the 1980s. Her grandmother was an astrologer, and she grew up reading horoscopes and looking at the moon, planets, and stars through a backyard telescope. The Sphinx’s bimonthly column, Wonderful Moon, draws on this background to share lore, advice, and timely yoga tips for the new and full moon phases. Information on observing the moon is combined with astrological insights, consideration of nature and seasonal change, and the cycles of our lives. Beautiful lunar photography is provided by award-winning photographer and author Greg Diesel Walck.