How Essential Oils Revolutionized My Health

Discovering essential oils was like finding a piece of a puzzle that I didn’t know I was missing. 

It wasn’t until a friend shared her beloved essential oils with me that I discovered how instrumental they were in creating a healthier and all-natural lifestyle for my me and my family.

I mean, what would a girl from Queens, NY know about holistic and integrative healthcare, like aromatherapy? I grew up on bubble-gum flavored cough syrup, Vicks vapor rub, and canned chicken soup. My parent’s idea of holistic was a can of ginger ale to remedy an upset stomach. I still love you, Mom and Dad! 

Cut to a couple of decades later, I traded in a life of too much partying, minimal sleep, and terrible food binges (all of which were a lot of fun at the time) for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Entering my 30’s with a little more knowledge and life experience led me down a path of exploring a love and appreciation for my physical and spiritual wellbeing through yoga, an all-natural and whole foods based diet, and holistic self-care practices. 

By the time I had my son at 34, I was interested in nurturing his wellbeing as naturally as possible. I was dedicated to organic everything. I used green household products, and did everything in my power to to keep his exposure to synthetic and toxic ingredients at a minimum. Naturally, when the time came for our first sick visit to the pediatrician at a year old, I wasn’t prepared to be told his cough and respiratory trouble was just going to have to run its course. I wasn’t comfortable with using store bought products that I knew to contain harmful synthetics to help reduce his symptoms. I truly felt defeated, but I knew there had to be a better solution. 

So, when my neighbor literally came knocking at my door with her favorite essential oils for respiratory support, I jumped in feet first. This led me down a path seeking essential oil alternatives to support just about every area of my son’s health as well as the health of my husband and I. I slowly started educating myself about the short and long-term harmful effects of the personal care products I was using on my son and myself from his bath soap to my deodorant. I also discovered the harmful ingredients found in household cleaning products from under the kitchen sink to the laundry room. Research shows the negative effect these products have on our health. Too many people are living in discomfort and dis-ease with little knowledge about the cause and effect of their everyday choices. 

After much research, I discovered how essential oils in their purest form have endless health benefits and hundreds of different uses. Entirely plant-based, they support our bodies naturally due to different chemical constituent– many of which have an affinity for our respiratory and immune systems, as well as skin, joints, muscles, and our emotions to name just a few. They also help to turn homes into toxic free safe havens, by cleaning, deodorizing and freshening safely and powerfully. Personal care products can be created with few ingredients leaving you feeling good about everything you put on your children and yourself. Through my research, I discovered an essential oil company that met my standards for quality products. 

Essential oils are versatile and serve multiple purposes by supporting our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A few of my must have essential oils are: lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, geranium, and tea tree just to name a few! 

Tools of the trade that I recommend are getting a cold water essential oil diffuser since inhalation is an effective way to benefit from the aromatic molecules. I love blending my favorite essential oils with organic coconut oil and applying the mixture on my chest and back for respiratory support, to my face and body for skin support and on my pulse points for emotional support. If you choose to get into oils, you will find magic elixirs that work for you!

My passion for essential oils compelled me to become a certified aromatherapist. In time, my passion became a full time obsession leading to the creation of my own company, Essentially Grounded. My goal is to deliver a message and means for a healthy life grounded in wellness, mindfulness, and self-care. Recently, I partnered with a group of friends with a similar passion for health and wellbeing to collaborate on wellness solutions. I truly believe that women are born healers, nurturers, and creators. My vision is to be part of the healthy lifestyle movement and to inspire all people to make their physical and emotional health a priority. 

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Ryan Porter-LoGiudice
Written by Ryan Porter-LoGiudice
Ryan Porter-LoGiduice is a full time mom, digital marketing manager and certified aromatherapist. Her passion for self-care and wellbeing has her on a journey of exploring life’s simplest and purist wellness practices to share with all who want to grow and learn. Her library of favorite essential oil recipes and chronicles of true and tried wellness practices can be found on her Essentially Grounded website. For more information about Essentially Grounded visit and follow Ryan on FB @EGrounded and Instagram @Essentially_Grounded.