Detox + Shake it Up For Spring With Flow Yoga

Transition into spring with a yoga sequence focused on detox and letting go of whatever winter brought for you- it’s time to start fresh! By stimulating our circulatory and digestive systems, we can cleanse our internal organs. Sounds nice, huh? It’s also really good for you! Below is a flow you can follow at home. Move through this series for a gentle sequence. Benefits of trying this at home are that you can take out whatever poses don’t suit your practice and spend that time holding your favorite poses even longer.


Practice these poses at the beginning of your warm up. Move the spine and begin with a few gentle twists. You can set your intention here as you settle into your breath.

~Easy pose
~Meditative breathing
~Neck circles
~Table top
~Twisted cat
~After you return to table top, extend one of your legs and begin to flex and point a couple of times (Both legs)
~Child’s pose


This is where we start to move and shake the body. Begin to feel the energy flow through you.

~Down dog (hold for 5 deep breaths)
~Sun Salutations (repeat 3-5 times)


These are your standing poses that help you get grounded and focus on balance. Whenever you are in a balancing pose, find one area to fully focus your energy. Avoid moving your eyes around the room.

~Warrior 1
~Humble Warrior 1 
~Warrior 2 
~Reverse Warrior 2
~Extended side angle (bind and option for birds of paradise)
~Chair Pose Twists
~Down Dog
~Triangle Pose
~Tree Pose (bring hand to thigh for a side bend)
~Eagle Pose
~Mountain Pose
~Yoga Squat


Hello backbends! Be careful with yourself and don’t do all the poses just because they are listed. For example, I wrote down wheel pose, but I barely practice wheel myself unless I am VERY open. It’s all up to you and your body.

~Foor bow


Choose an inversion of your choice and hold for 10 breaths. Options include head stand, shoulder stand, plow, or just holding your legs on the wall.


The best part of class is always the cool down. After you’ve put in all the work, sweat, and challenge, you get to unwind and let it all go. It’s the best feeling to lay on the mat with nothing to focus on but your breath. Let your body melt into the earth.

~Child’s pose
~Spinal twists
~Happy Baby
~Savasana (finally!)

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Photo: Matthew Kane via Unsplash

Lilia Karimi
Written by Lilia Karimi
Obsessive entrepreneur, humanitarian, and yogi. Lilia is a graduate of Cornell University and founder of @givingbag - a sustainable hotel amenity. She enjoys sipping chai lattes while thinking about how to make the world a better place. An avid traveler and health fanatic, Lilia has worked in Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Follow Lilia on Instagram @lifebylilia.