How To Practice a New Year’s Meditation For Clarity

As 2o16 draws to a close, we turn our attention to the new year. Are you looking to start a daily meditation practice? Make it your resolution! Gain clarity and focus with a Bastika meditation that will help you take on new challenges.

-Sit on your heels, knees bent, eyes closed

-Loosely grip your hands near your shoulders in a “W” formation

-Inhale hands up, exhale through the nose as you bring your hands back beside your shoulders

-Repeat for 30 seconds, three times

-Sit in silence and pay attention to the sensations in your body

Release judgments of yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously, and enjoy each moment! This practice will raise your vibration for your best year yet.

Do you have a meditation practice for bringing clarity into the new year?

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Erin Doppelt
Written by Erin Doppelt
Erin Rachel Doppelt travels around the world leading numerous mindfulness workshops (conflict competence, emotional intelligence, nutrition, yoga, soul mapping and meditation) to create safe/welcoming spaces and train influencers or leaders in these practices- these workshops are derived from the teachings she learned while backpacking Israel + India. She is a MA candidate at Columbia University NYC studying Psychology as it relates to spiritual Mind and Body practices. Check out her social media @bullshitfreebabe and her website