4 Tips to Help Make Health A Lifestyle

Magazines. Blogs. TV. The list goes on. There are so many mediums of media that constantly throw the latest health fad in our faces. Try this! Do that! Lose this! But eventually those diets or tips lose their “wow” effect. Well, I’m here to say that health is not a diet. Health is not just a tip. Health is a lifestyle. Yes, it takes some work and getting used to, but no matter how far from ‘healthy’ you may think you are, it’s possible 

A question I frequently get asked is what got you into living such a healthy lifestyle? Because trust me, I was not always like this. As a kid, I thrived on McDonald’s happy meals, ice cream, and raw cookie dough, but I did love broccoli. So many overly-processed products were the bulk of my diet for a long time. I rarely exercised and one day I found myself signing up for a 5k. I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping, how will I ever brave 3.1 miles? Long story short, that was the absolute worst run of my entire life, but it sparked something within me that I had yet to discover. 

After that horrible 5k, I became motivated to work at my health. I began to do research and started to make small changes in my life. Soon, those small changes add up to be big changes and those big changes became my lifestyle. Are you wondering where to start? Follow these 4 tips to ignite inspiration to make health a bigger part of your life!

Fuel Yourself with Inspiration

Before you can really get started, get some inspiration going. Follow those health accounts that are “goals.” Get in touch with mentors or role models who can help you learn more about nutrition, fitness, or wellness. Get a little file folder going of healthy recipes to keep on hand. Make sure to remind yourself of this inspiration. Maybe find one hour a week to grow that recipe file or try a new health class. Make a vision board if it helps keep you motivated when the times get hard; because there will be hard times. 

Set Intentions

Why are you doing this? What is your ultimate goal? For me, I began my health journey to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated. Our bodies do SO much for us on a daily basis and they need real food to keep it going. We’re only been given one body and must treat it with the utmost care. My ultimate goal? To live a life free from numbers (calories, the scale, miles, etc) and live it to the fullest, striving to inspire others to join me. So ask your self, why am I doing this? and never forget it. (P.S. when I say real food I mean food with minimal ingredients that are all natural, organic and ones that you can actually pronounce!)

Do Your Research 

I can’t stress this one enough! There are so many voices in the world telling you what to eat, when to work out, and how to live your life. But, don’t be so quick to trust every “health tip” you hear. Honestly, it’s frightening how much of the health content circulating on the internet is click-bait–promising gimmicks and quick gains. Go digging for your own answers. What works for others won’t always work for you and remember, this is your body. Honor that

Ingredients Over Everything

“Real food over calories” is a mantra I live by. Yes, real food is going to be higher in calories, but do not be afraid of that number. I used to live in fear of eating too many calories. I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle, but in all honesty, I was living a life ruled by numbers. You would be surprised at how many companies add unnecessary (completely not natural) ingredients to products. It is so important to be aware of what you are putting into your body, so read those labels! 

My intention is not to tell you how to live your life, but to simply tell you what has helped me achieve this lifestyle. Everybody is different. Every BODY is different. Healthy looks different on each and every person and I think thats a beautiful thing. 

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Photo: Avery D’Alessandro via Unsplash

Abigail Harris
Written by Abigail Harris
Abby is a college student studying Biology, who aspires to become a Neonatologist and is also an active member in Kappa Delta sorority. She has a passion for sharing health and nutrition and invites others to join her on her journey to seeking balance. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can catch her out for a run or spending time with her family and friends. Follow her on Instagram @therunningcarrot and on her personal blog, therunningcarrot.wordpress.com.