5 Tips To Help Enjoy Your Yoga Teacher Training

Going to a yoga teacher training is like going on a temporary trip to paradise. You’ll be surrounded by positive energy while eating healthy foods, and strengthening your yoga practice. Registering and waiting for the training to begin is the most challenging part; you have no idea what to expect and your nerves start to kick in. Make sure you enjoy your teacher training with these five tips.

1. Let go of your self-doubt.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not good enough to be a yoga teacher” or “I can’t even do a handstand,” you are not alone. It’s common to have self-doubt before your yoga training, but you will quickly learn that everyone else in the program has been feeling the same way. Your nerves and anxiety will quiet down once you learn that yoga is only 5% physical and 95% mental. Your clothes don’t matter. Your size does not matter. And, it does not matter if you can do one-legged crow pose (or any other crazy pose you see on Instagram). That being said, it’s definitely worth your time to have a frequent yoga practice before you attend so that you are comfortable with the poses and a frequent practice.

2. Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone.

Yoga trainings force you to get uncomfortable. Being a yoga instructor is about leading and energizing a class, and you do not do that by sitting alone in your comfort zone. This may be the first time you’ve ever experienced a kirtan (singing/chanting meditation) or satsang (aka spiritual group sharing). While there’s less you can do to prepare for this, mentally know that you will be in unique situations that may trigger certain emotions and boundaries.

3. Prepare questions beforehand.

To get the most bang for your buck, prepare questions beforehand for your training! The point of the training is to learn, right? While you begin to strengthen and practice frequently, write down questions each time you practice….Like, “Why do my hips need to be square in Warrior 1?” or “Why do we end class in a fetal position”?  Make sure you tell the instructors exactly what is on your mind so that you leave the program feeling fulfilled with your yoga education.

4. Prioritize your relationships in the training.

Your classmates in your program will be the key to your happiness and success throughout the training. Take time to know them because I’m 100% positive there is a lesson to be learned from each person. Stay in touch with your fellow yogis because they will be an extremely helpful resource for your yoga practice for when you need inspiration, sequencing ideas, or new playlists. Perhaps some are future partners in a yoga venture! 

5. Be yourself.

So cheesy- I know! But seriously, the biggest feedback the master instructors were giving everyone in our practice sequence was, “Do not try to sound yogic. Sound like yourself.” This was SO reassuring for me, and hopefully is for you as well. You don’t need to say the perfect thing or try to make yourself sound like some super yogi! If you are an energetic person, let that energy bounce into your class! If you don’t have any wisdom to articulate during savasana, then don’t try to make something up that’s not authentic. Be yourself and that’s what will make you stand out.

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Photo: Aral Tasher via Unsplash

Lilia Karimi
Written by Lilia Karimi
Obsessive entrepreneur, humanitarian, and yogi. Lilia is a graduate of Cornell University and founder of @givingbag - a sustainable hotel amenity. She enjoys sipping chai lattes while thinking about how to make the world a better place. An avid traveler and health fanatic, Lilia has worked in Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Follow Lilia on Instagram @lifebylilia.